Sunday, September 28, 2014

Art Institute of Zwen: Bill Walko

Bill Walko Profile by Russell "Bilingual Boy" Burbage
There is SO much goodness in this Bill Walko original. Click on the illustration to Colossal Boy-ize it and then look at EACH of the Legionnaires, especially the men. Ultra Boy and Mon-El are cheering on their faves, Timber Wolf is salivating over Light Lass, Lightning Lad is generating electricity over Saturn Girl, Sun Boy is just hot and bothered in general, and Duo Damsel is non-plussed at her husband's antics!

You can find Bill Walko on: 
Bill has imagined what would happen if super-heroes really existed: they would need help marketing! This is a fun take on the super-hero "business" that is worth a look.
If you've never seen this, we recommend starting with his theme song video here:

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  1. I also noticed that Element Lad is reading something called "Brokeback Asteroid"!!! Haha, that's clever...!

    1. Jan's reading material is my favorite from this awesome illustration