Friday, September 26, 2014

Hot: Lighting Lad In Bed...Nude?

Sun Boy and Lightning Lad are injured when their cruiser crash-lands. Dirk injures his ankle, and Garth injures his knee. So of course the doctor strips them naked and puts them to bed. 
(Adveture Comics #303, art by John Forte)

As an extra added attraction, here is Lightning Lad in bed again...this time sleeping nude? Certainly looks like it, even though his older brother Mekt is sleeping in the same room with him!
(Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1, art by Jimmy Janes & Frank Chiaramonte)


  1. Man, those panels are ripe for someone to put in new speech balloons and create a slash fiction scenario. I'm sure someone already has, but I'm not looking for them!


  2. They had some scenes during Keith Giffens' run showing Winathians hanging out nude or semi-nude... apparently they don't have a problem showing off their epidermis.