Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ad for LSH #363

...seeing as how today is February 28, we'll do you a solid and tell you. Dagon the Avenger kidnapped various parents of various Legionnaires and held them for ransom.

The most important part of this issue is that it featured the debut of new LSH artist Jimmy Janes at the same time it featured Tyroc in *his* first adventure in nearly 50 issues.

Anyone else notice that Light Lass is featured in this ad twice? She does play a pretty big part in this story, but still...

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  1. Very timely - good catch! Weird seeing a twin of Ayla - maybe her & Garth's long-lost triplet?! That would blow the minds of many a Winathian.

    Definitely a familiar house ad, but it sadly advertises the most unremarkable era in Legion history (and here I am remarking). Jimmy Janes' art is probably the most average in comics history and his Legionnaires (the males, for the most part) look like 35-year old hulks.

    Really nice Dick Giordano (I think?) covers around this time, however.