Sunday, February 15, 2015

Legion Archive 5: Mark Farmer

Continuing the spotlight on the art of The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives. The fifth volume features a wacky cover by the talented Mark Farmer. Farmer, of course, is best known as the inker for Alan Davis on such projects as Batman & the Outsiders, Excalibur, and The X-Men. He is an obvious Legion fan, as he wrote and inked quite a few Legion stories during the Nineties. This is a fun, straight-forward piece with the spotlight very firmly on Ferro Lad and other new members Karate Kid and Princess Projectra. Oh, and that Matter-Eater Lad kid.

Adventure Comics #340-349 

This edition we are smack-dab in the middle of what most consider the greatest era of the team. The book begins with a featurette on The Origin and Powers of the Legion from Adventure Comics #365. Then we jump into the classic Computo two-parter, the classic Trial of Star Boy, the classic Super-Stalag of Space nail-biter, the introduction of the new members, the origin of Sun Boy, and the debut of Universo. Not a dud in the bunch!!

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