Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Greg LaRoque!

Happy Birthday, Greg LaRoque! 

Today is the birthday of classic Legion artist Greg LaRocque, born on this date in 1954.

Greg's first published work was in Mystery in Space in 1981. He then worked on OMAC for several issues of The Warlord before moving to Marvel for several years. When he returned to DC he was given issue #15 of The Legion of Super-Heroes as a fill-in; an issue later he was made permanent penciller. He stayed on the title for three years. He then moved over to The Flash, where he stayed for five years.

To help commemorate the fantastic Mr. LaRoque, here is some of his great work!

Greg's first Legion work (LSHv3 #15)

Greg's first issue as regular penciller...and his first cover! 

The seductive but deadly Emerald Empress (LSHv3 #25)

The newest Fatal Five, as designed by Greg (LSHv3 #25)

The newly re-designed Wildfire (LSHv3 #37)

The new Legion of Substitute Heroes (LSH Annual #3 1987)


  1. Greg LaRocque, never the flashiest (despite such a long run on The Flash) artist, but damn solid. He could really stabilize a series, and cranked out über-impressive runs of the titles he worked on. Happy -belated- Birthday!

  2. Artists like Greg LaRocque and, similarly, Paul Ryan and Tom Grummett made the 1990s bearable. Good clear storytelling that will stand the test of time after all the image & manga clones are consigned to the status of embarrassing jokes.