Monday, February 9, 2015

Ambush Bug Tears Down the Legion

by Siskoid

Keith Giffen. First he let Ambush Bug travel to the 30th century to turn the Legion of Substitute-Heroes into a laughing stock (DCCP #59). Then he gave the Subs a Bug-flavored special. As we follow up on the indignity the Giff (does anyone call him that?) visits on the super-teens of the future, we will attempt to list every significant Legion reference to appear in Ambush Bug comics. Join us as we venture beyond the FOURTH WALL!

Ambush Bug #1 (1985): Ferro Lad writes a fan letter to Ambush Bug. Sad!
Ambush Bug #3 (1985): Ambush Bug wonders where the Legion of Super-Pets has gone to. So do we!
Ambush Bug #3 (1985): The Ambush Bug Mart sells a 50-foot inflatable Proty. I want one!
Ambush Bug #4 (1985): The Marriage of Ambush Bug never did happen, but one possible bride was Legion-related!
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer #1 (1986): Frequent guest star Jonni DC has the unenviable task of checking on every DC death, which includes some 30th-century denizens.
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer #1 (1986): Ambush Bug calls around the DC Universe for help. None forthcoming from 1000 years hence.
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer #1 (1986): Ambush Bug eulogizes his sidekick Cheeks who died destroying the Sun-Eater. (He may be remembering it wrong.)
Son of Ambush Bug #2 (1986): According to Arg!Yle's Who's Who entry, he has all the powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes' socks.
Son of Ambush Bug #5 (1986): Ambush Bug is on trial and various people around the DCU are asked if they think he's guilty. The only recognizable "person" who has an opinion is this guy again:
Son of Ambush Bug #6 (1986): A recap of Ambush Bug's history doesn't fail to mention his run-in with the Subs.
Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1 (1992): Trying to reintegrate into the DC Universe, Ambush Bug leaves his resume with various characters. Might Valor need a supporting cast?
Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1 (1992): Lost in time, the Bug meets the Chris Sprouse-drawn SW6 Legionnaires, but they've been warned of his coming.
Ambush Bug Year None #4 (2008): Ambush Bug's tribute to the Legion's very first appearance in Adventure Comics #247:
In the New 52, Ambush Bug has been relegated to co-hosting DC's Channel 52, an in-house information service. Alas, the Bug didn't do the return of the Legion announcement. But we'll keep you appraised of any developments on the Buggy side of things.

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