Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, Curt Swan!

Happy Birthday, Curt Swan! 

Today is the anniversary of the birth of arguably the greatest Superman artist of all time, Mr. Curt Swan. He was born on February 17, 1920, which means he would have been 95 years old today.

Although Curt Swan is best known for his pencilling work on Superman and Action Comics, he also handled such diverse series as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Boy Commandos, World's Finest, and, of course, The Legion of Super-Heroes. In fact, Curt Swan drew the cover of Adventure Comics #247, which was the debut of the team. He was their regular artist from 1966-1968, drawing such important stories as Computo vs Triplicate Girl, the death of Ferro Lad, the origin and return of the Fatal Five, and the debut of Mordru.

To celebrate the greatness of Curt Swan, here are a few of his wonderful covers to Adventure Comics. 

Mr. Swan passed away on June 17, 1996. 

Happy Birthday, Curt Swan!
Thank you for all the great stories!
The cover that started it all
The debut of the Legionnaires' Silver Age uniforms 
Another iconic design, as the Legion gets its own feature
Besides the 15+ Legionnaires, Curt Swan
also had to draw the supporting characters,
such as the Legion of Substitute Heroes! 
Another classic, as Lightning Lad returns to life....
but at a price! 
Swan may not have been the most dynamic artist,
but he was good at people. Check out the
individual Legionnaires here
Curt Swan also drew pretty women

Another iconic cover, another shot of the numerous

Another famous cover as the Legion
experiences its first tragedy

Curt Swan's SuperBOY really did look different
than his SuperMAN
One of the most famous LSH stories of all time,
Adventure #353
Our first look at future Legionnaires Shadow
Lass and Chemical King, for one thing....
Some of Curt Swan's best work
(Adventure Comics #369)
The last issue of the Legion in Adventure....
SO appropriate that the era ends with a Curt Swan cover
Secret Origins 47
One of the last stories Curt Swan did, in 1989

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