Monday, December 2, 2019

LEGION TOYS: Legion of Super-Pets (DC Direct 2000)

Released in 2000 by DC Direct, the DC Direct Soft Toys were a line of plush toys that featured characters from the DC Universe.

While not always stuffed animal characters (as Lobo, Death, and even Sugar & Spike were featured in this line (Hey Rob Kelly!)), the character I was drawn to was Krypto The Super-Dog. I obtained this on first release at my local comic shop at the time, the now defunct Comics Ink (now Comic Bug apparently) on Overland. This Krypto soft toy survived my first "Great Purge" and when I later got back into collecting around 2012, my team-building disease led me to seek out the remaining Legion of Super-Pets on the aftermarket.

Krypto The Super-Dog

Streaky The Super-Cat

Comet The Super-Horse

Beppo The Super Monkey

Pattern & Materials:
Since these are Soft or Plush toys, it's probably fair to say that Sculpt or Paint isn't really a factor. Instead, I'll just point out the pattern for these Soft Goods are extremely well done. The stitching done to represent the facial features and eyes are life-like and cute. The capes remind me of mini-sized comforters. The tags that indicate polyester-made, DC Comics trademark and 'Made in China' are slightly unseemly, but are usually placed at the rear, so the capes can obscure them unless viewed from a really obvious side vantage point. The cat and dog whiskers, Streaky's streak, Krypto's S-shield collar, Beppo's belt and Comet's harness are all excellently crafted and add to the wonderful aesthetic of these toys.

You might think articulation isn't a factor with these toys, but actually there are bendy wires for the Legs (and in Beppo's case arms) of all of the Super-Pets. I don't make a habit of exploiting these features for fear the more the bendy wire is used, the less likely the Super-Pets will be able to stand/sit at attention. I will say that mostly photo trickery is used to make it look like Beppo can stand. Usually, I display Beppo riding Comet as that is the most stable option.

These are awesome! They are cute, cuddly and the perfect type of characters to be featured in a DC Comics Soft Toys line!


  1. I suppose you could complete the set by making Proty from an old sock...