Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Who's Who: The Blight

The Blight
by Siskoid

Super-Power(s): Corruption
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Relationship to Legion: Enemies

Legion Log

In the Reboot, on a utopian world in the far reaches of space, the race that would become the Blight became bored with their perfect existence. One of their number, Atrophos, decided the only thing left to do was to conquer death itself and he made a deal with entropy itself (whether this is meant to be the Time Trapper is unclear). The catch: The race was placed in a state of energetic decay. They would live forever provided they infused themselves with the life energies of other races on a regular basis. And so began their swathe through the universe, sating their hunger on countless worlds.

Led by the now insane Atrophos, the Blight met the Doda, a being that gently entwined the worlds it encountered on the life-force bloom every inhabited world gave off. The malevolent vampiric race used it as a host to travel the galaxy. This is how they got to Earth, a world richer than they'd even encountered.

The Blight easily conquered the planet and turned most of the Legionnaires into corrupted slaves, while a few stragglers tried to arrange passage off-world for the population. The Blight planned to use M'Onel's power and the Doda's connection with other worlds to destroy all life and reverse their own entropic decay. The Legion managed to free the Doda from Blight control and used it to instead cleanse the galaxy of their evil influence. However, Earth would take a year to rebuild, and the  possessed Legionnaires would take even longer to recover from the trauma.

After Infinite Crisis, the Blight does not appear to exist.

Important Blight stories:

Legion of Super-Heroes Secret Files and Origins #2 (1999)
A Blight scout takes an interest in Earth

Legionnaires #78
The Blight cross into known space

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #122
The Blight have infected Earth and corrupted several Legionnaires

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #123
Secret origin of the Blight

Legionnaires #80
The Legion finally defeats the Blight


  1. I do NOT like my Legion so dark. Insurmountable odds, sure, but planet-wide and mental trauma on such a scale? No thank you.

    MY Legion's future world is bright & shiny.

  2. The storyline was rushed and not very good.