Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Wedding of Saturn Girl & Lightning Lad

How many Legionnaires can YOU find!?
According to the 2995: Legion of Super-Heroes Sourcebook, founding Legion members Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad married on June 17, 2982.

In continuity, the wedding occurred between Superboy & The Legion #s 236 and #237. Because we just reviewed SLSH #236 last week, we chose to highlight the event *this* week.

Here are the important moments for those of you who did not get invited.

As you can see, all twenty-two members attended. Oddly, Legion reservists Supergirl, Lana Lang, and Pete Ross did NOT attend. Even more oddly, Dream Girl did not stand with Star Boy, Ultra Boy did not stand near Phantom Girl, and Cosmic Boy was not Lightning Lad's "best man." Perhaps the wedding ceremony in the 30th Century is organized differently. 

Regardless, the art in this story was lack-luster, to say the least. Check out the lack of backgrounds in these pages for exhibit A. It's almost as if the artists had no real love of the characters, or knowledge of them. In fact, Star Boy's costume is drawn incorrectly throughout the story. This mistake was then carried over by later Legion artists who probably used this book as a reference. (sigh) 

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  1. Possible reason why the reservist you mention are not there; the couples are not standing next to each other, and star boy's costume is different---is because this is an alternate future, different from the "real future" Superboy has always visited. Then maybe when the timeline was restored some little changes (like Star Boy's costume) carried over.

  2. I'm going off of memory, but I seem to recall enjoying the art in this. Wasn't it Mike Grell, who was the regular Legion artist, who did this?

    1. Yes, it was Mike Grell. But Horribly inked by Vince Colletta.

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