Thursday, October 22, 2015

Superboy and The Legion #238

Superboy and The Legion #238 (April, 1978) was a reprint. For the first time since the Legion had "returned" to cover-billing, 40 issues before, there was no new Legion story this month. Instead, Paul Levitz apologized for the deadline crunch as DC re-presented the classic Universo vs Legion story-line from Adventure Comics 359-360. 

The only thing new this month was the cover for the issue. It's a re-creation of Adventure Comics #360 by Curt Swan and George Klein by Jim Starlin. Fans at the time were surprised to see Starlin working on the Legion, as he was at this time most famous for working at Marvel. Luckily, there was more Starlin goodness to the future!
So...Who Drew It Better? The Swan-Klein original definitely has its good points, but the atmospheric and enlarged scene by Starlin probably gives him the edge here....What do YOU think?

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