Monday, July 24, 2017

Hero Clix Contest Winner!

Announcing the winner of our first 
Legion of Super-Bloggers Contest----

Marcus Dodds, of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 

will soon be receiving a Legion of Super-Heroes Hero Clix Starter Game box. 
It includes these seven Legionnaires: 

Marcus' favourite Hero Clix was the invisible Shrinking Violet piece. 

Thanks to all for writing in. Long Live the Legion!

As a little extra, here are a few pictures I took of some of my favorite Hero Clix. I don't play....the game. I just play with the figurines. Look out, Legion, the Fatal Five is back!

I think MANO is my favorite. He just looks so cool. 

I also like the Time Trapper. I love how he's playing with a Legion Cube. 

Can't argue with the Founders! 

I bought three separate Triplicate Girls and combined them on one stand. 

1 comment:

  1. Your Triplicate girl looks pretty boss there.

    The only one I got was Shrinking Vioket, who with the back-stand removed & a little painted putty is the perfect scale to put with my DCU Classics boxed set!
    She also wears a miniskirt variation on her original costume so is very easy to paint closer to that look if you want.