Monday, July 10, 2017

Sandy Jarrell's Legion

At last month's Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina I had the privilege to meet artist Sandy Jarrell. You may have heard of him or seen his work on Black Canary, Batman '66, DC Bombshells, and Reggie and Me.

It turns out Mr. Jarrell is a long-time Legion lover. He had a Legion print of several Legion couples dancing for sale. I gladly bought it and promised him I would feature it here on our sight.

So if you happen to meet him at another comic-book convention, stop by and pick this beauty up for yourself. It's too big to do it justice as one piece, so I broke it down into eight pieces. The Chameleon Boy-Proty II and Bouncing Boy-Triplicate Girl cards were separate.

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  1. These are cute. Clearly, he kept to the classic Legion roster and looks pre-1970's (the only exception being Ayla and Salu dancing together).

    That's almost a pity. It might be interesting to see how he'd do Wildfire and Dawnstar, or Blok and the White Witch.

    The mind races.

  2. He is a super nice guy. He is currently working on a commission for me of the big three from the Captain Marvel family, and I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Oh, these are cute. I liked Jarrell's art on Black Canary.

  4. I somehow missed these at Heroes Con. They are gorgeous and fun! So clean and full of life and energy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. He's got a very Kevin Nowlan vibe.

    1. I was thinking Mike Allred mixed with 'another', and yes, definitely Kevin Nowlan for the other half.

  6. I love that he did Ayla and Vi together. I hope he does one of Lyle and Condo next!