Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Who's Who: Dxaundii

by Russell & Siskoid

Aliases: Super-Moby Dick of Space, Philip's Folly
Super-Power(s): Giant size, flight through space, consume metal, repel electricity and turn it into deadly radiation
Planet of Origin: Dxaund
Relationship to Legion: Monster

Legion Log
The animal that became famous throughout the United Planets as "the Super-Moby Dick of Space" is nothing more than a normal Dxaundian Wingfish that was enlarged via electrical stimulation in a science experiment gone wrong. Noted biologist Dr. Philip Lanphier attempted to ascertain the effect of negative electrical energy on the small creature; however, the energy caused the animal to grow larger than the largest spaceship. It broke free from Dr. Lanphier's laboratory and flew off in search of metal in order to satiate its huge appetite.

Lightning Lad was the first Legionnaire to respond to the Super-Moby Dick of Space. When he attempted to stun the animal with lightning bolts, the creature's hide not only changed his bolts into radioactive energy but bounced them back at the Legionnaire. Lighting Lad's entire right hand was poisoned and had to be amputated at the shoulder and replaced by a robotic arm.

Lighting Lad led the charge against the Super-Moby Dick of Space, initially out of an obsessive need for vengeance but then eventually out of an understanding that his lighting powers, if used correctly, could return the animal to its normal size.

After several attacks by other Legionnaires failed, Lighting Lad was finally able to come face to face with the Super-Moby Dick of Space again. Using a power augmentor hooked up to his robotic arm, the Legionnaire bombarded the creature with lighting, returning it to its normal size.

No mention of the genus or species of the animal was mentioned in the actual story, although Moby Dick by Herman Melville was referenced by Dr. Lanphier.

After Infinite Crisis, the Super-Moby Dick of Space's original history has presumably been more or less restored. The creature never reappeared (except in a single flashback in Adventure Comics #343) in any continuity.

Only Super Moby Dick of Space story:

Adventure Comics #332
(reprinted in The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Vol. 4
and Showcase Presents: The Legion Vol. 2) 
The menace of The Creature!

Lightning Lad's arm is doomed!

Superboy is powerless against the creature!!

 Dr. Lanphier names his creature...!

Ultra Boy doesn't fare any better against Super Moby!

Lighting Lad saves the day!

Dr. Lanphier comes clean to Lightning Lad

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