Monday, November 4, 2019

LEGION TOYS: Saturn Girl (DC Direct 2001)

The final founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes! Hailing from the world of Titan, one of the most talented telepaths among a race of powerful mentalists, and ultimately the bride to be of fellow Legionnaire Lightning Lad, it's Imra Ardeen a.k.a. Saturn Girl!

While most DC Universe Classics are around 6.5 inches and fit within the 1/12 collector scale, typically adult-sized DC Direct (and now DC Collectibles figures) fall into more of a 7 inch scale. Having said that, Saturn Girl is more of a teenage-sized figure and comes in exactly at 6 inches. This appears to be an all-original female sculpt and works fairly well. The Saturn logo itself is sculpted into the chest area. The collar, belt buckle, skirt and boots are all nicely done. The permed hairstyle is pretty outstanding, but is offset by the somewhat droopy or sad-faced look on Saturn Girl's face in my opinion. Saturn Girl comes with a few accessories, such as a sculpted Legion Flight Belt that can be attached to the waste with a square plastic fastener. Luckily, she also comes with a Saturn shaped figure stand which her right foot can peg into, because I'll be a monkey's uncle if I can get her to stand up of her own accord. Finally, Saturn Girl comes with a gold 1:1 Flight Ring that you could place on your own hand if you so chose (actual flight ability not included!).

DC Direct figures are better known for their sculpts than articulation. This set of figures are less action and more staction (a portmanteau of statue and action figures coined by Four Horsemen artists to describe Masters of the Universe figures). Saturn Girl has a mere 8 points of articulation in total.  The head is on a swivel joint and can move 360 degrees.The hair can get in the way, but it can still achieve the 360 degree rotation. It cannot tilt, nor move up or down. Arms can rotate at the shoulder, up or down, in a circular fashion in 360 degrees. There are elbow cuts that articulate with a single joint from straight to a 90 degree angle. Saturn Girl's open palms can also rotate 360 degrees. There is a waste-cut that moves 360 degrees. The legs themselves have zero articulation. None. Nada. Zip. Zillch. NAH-ZING!

Glossy maroons, pearl whites and yellows make up the colors on the costume itself. The black and silver on the belt is nicely done, but there is some paint slop where the pearl white from the torso bleeds onto the blacks on the belt. The flesh tones, rosey red cheeks and lips, blue eyes, black eyelashes and eyebrows are all expertly applied. They almost make up for the droopy sad face sculpt. The hair is blonde, but has some nice washes going through the waves to accentuate the curls and perm of the hairstyle.

While the sculpt is pretty nice, this is a piss poor excuse for an "action" figure. It's really more of a pvc plastic figurine or as previously described a staction figure. If you're a fan of posing your action figures, there's not a whole lot you can do with this figure. Saturn Girl may as well be stuck in Carbonite. Unless you simply adore the Silver Age interpretation of Saturn Girl, I wouldn't recommend these unless you never bother to pose your figures.

Well, it's been a blast, but all good things come to an end. We've now covered the entirety of the DC Universe Classics Legion of Super-Heroes, as well as the DC Direct Legion of Super-Heroes line. I had a great time putting all these reviews together and I am pleased as punch that  Russell "Bilingual Boy" Burbage invited me onto the Legion of Super-Bloggers to do so. Hope you guys have had as much fun as I've had putting these all together! And I hope that there will be more action figures in the Legion's future! Long Live The Legion!!!


  1. If I could get my hands on one of those, I'd adapt her costume to a Starfleet" uniform and put her in with my "Spock and snakes" model.

  2. I first began reading the Legion when Imra was in her space bikini. I want that figure too, please! Tough, intelligent, and comfortable in her own skin.