Monday, October 4, 2021

LEGION TOYS: See You Space Cowboy


 " I think Articulated Lad is the best of us all... And no matter where he goes, and whatever he becomes, I think in his heart and ours, he will always be... A Super-Blogger! "

I've had a lot of fun covering all manner of Legion Toys here at the Legion of Super-Bloggers for the last four years. I've also extended my coverage using as much leeway as possible, including villains and guest-stars from the DC Direct, DC Super-Heroes, DC Universe Classics, Signature Series and Multiverse lines. But all good things come to an end, and I've pretty much run out of Legion Toys and related characters.

While you won't get me to buy any of them, the future of DC Characters in toy format rests with McFarlane Toys. The ratio is something like 80% Batman related toys to 20% other. The closest thing to a Legion related toy is the upcoming Superboy Prime, so I doubt there will be much (if any) real Legion representation in that particular line.

Mafex has recently gotten into the high-end super-articulated (and super-expensive!) DC Comics characters. So far I have a HUSH Superman (which is great!) and a Dark Knight Returns Superman on Pre-Order for sometime in 2022. One of my pals put the thought into my head that if anyone was going to make a fantastic classic Superboy or even Superboy Prime in the near future, it will likely be Mafex (and likely cost over one-hundred bucks!).  


I have been enjoying the Tweeterhead Super Powers line of statues and if they ever made Legionaries in the same classic style, I would certainly consider picking one up. Of course, the line has currently moved on to their '2.0' style, which I'm noticing is getting away from the initial attraction I had for the line. When the Krypto statue is released, he'll certainly be on my wish list, though.


Some of my favorite toys, of course, came from the DC Universe Classics line, the Legion Box Set chief among them. Other personal favorites include the Electric Blue Superman and the Kon-El Superboy. I'll always be grateful to Russell 'Bilingual Boy' Burbage, for giving me the opportunity to come onto the blog and share my joy and passion for Legion Toys.



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