Monday, January 10, 2022

Remembering Steve Lightle

 A year ago, January 8, 2021 we lost another legendary Legion artist. Mr. Steve Lightle left us at only 61 years young. 

Today the Legion of Super-Bloggers would like to commemorate this fine gentleman with a couple of his most noteworthy pieces....

Steve's first Legion story! 

Steve's first Legion cover...for a story he did not illustrate! 

Steve had a large part in the designs of Sensor Girl, Tellus, Quislet, and the re-design of Polar Boy

In fact, Tellus was Steve's creation. 
He was infinitely proud of him.

Steve loved the character Mon-El so much, he co-scripted this story with Paul Levitz

The little-seen illustration for the Poster Book of the DC Universe, circa 1988. 

Steve came back for covers and the odd issues in the late '90s

Steve did the covers of LSH v. 7; most will agree they were the best part of the issues

 I know that Steve enjoyed combining two of his loves for this cover

A commission I got from Steve several years ago. I love it, and treasure it more each day. 

One of Steve's last Legion works, you can see all his favorites are here.... 
A colored version was used as the cover of Back Issue #120

Steve was gracious enough to grant LSB an interview when we were just starting out. He was a very interesting man, and by the way, had nothing but praise for the Dr. Anj Sensor Girl jeckie-o-lantern from several years ago! 
To read (or re-read) our interview, visit here: LSB interview with Steve Lightle

Good-bye, Steve. 
We'll never forget you. 


  1. I loved his work. Such an underrated artist, in my opinion. Great tribute!

  2. Love his work. I always liked Tellus, and his redesign of Polar Boy (one of my 5 favorite legion members) rocked.

  3. Very, very sorry to hear of Steve Lightle's passing. He was always one of my favorite Legion artists. I loved the beauty and vitality of his work. His amazing talent and his contributions to the Legion will never be forgotten.

  4. Steve Lightle was my absolute favorite artist. His cover work was stunning. So sorry that he is gone, but his amazing artwork will go on (and hopefully inspre other great artists) forever.