Friday, August 22, 2014

About Our LSB Banners....

What's What At The Legion of Super-Bloggers!
Today we would like to explain our current Table of Contents border on the far right of the page. We call these our Banners. The Legion of Super-Bloggers is a group effort, so we have plenty of topics we want to cover. And because we are a group effort, this should be fun....we get to create our own pieces, and then enjoy our fellow bloggers' efforts, too!

To help keep the topics somewhat ON TOPIC, however, we have created the current list of Banners. There may be more in the future ("future", haha, get it?) but for now we are going to be writing under these topics and themes. Some may be clear and easy to understand; some may be a bit more unclear. We figured we might as well write this essay up and post it as much for us, the bloggers, as for you, the readers!

Who's Who
Our great Legion of Super-Heroes collage was done by the Great Legion Hater himself, Rob Kelly. Click this banner and you will eventually find all of The Original Series' Legionnaires' Who's Who entries from WHO'S WHO: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe.
This is because, 1) these profiles are great introductions to the main Legion characters; 2) these profiles are great pieces of art; and 3) this blog got our start because Shag taunted us to start this blog during an episode of The Who's Who Podcast...he taunted us like The Time Trapper taunted Brainiac Five, and we couldn't resist....! So we are honoring our roots here.

Member Profiles & Group Shots
Under this banner you will find such things as "Lore of the Legion" by Dave Cockrum, Legion profiles by James Sherman and Jack Abel, and pin-ups by such greats as Curt Swan and George Perez.

Legion of Substitute Heroes
This banner will feature any and every appearance by the Subs! This banner will NOT be chronological, so we anticipate the entertainment level to veer wildly between the hilarity of Keith Giffen and the uber-seriousness of Edmund Hamilton!

The LSH Universes
This banner is where we will present articles, essays, and stories about the various time-lines of the Future. We will also highlight actual history that is presented in the comic stories themselves.

Essays About The Legion
These are what the title says, our opinions about various things Legion-related, such as this article you are reading right now. 

 The Original Series

This is the chronological review of all the Legion appearances from 1958-1969, covering their first appearance in Adventure Comics #247 through Adventure Comics #380.

The Back-Up Era
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion appearances  from 1969-1970 in the back of Action Comics, from #378 through #392.

The 70s Legion (Superboy & The Legion)
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion of Super-Heroes appearances from 1971-1979, from when they went from the back of Superboy (#172) through the issue right before they threw him out, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #258.

The 80s Legion (Legion Vol 2)
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion appearances from 1980-1984, from when they went from their own title Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 2) #259 until they branched off into two separate titles after Legion (v2) #313.

The Baxter Series (Legion Vol 3)
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion of Super-Heroes appearances from Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 3) #1-63 from 1984-1989. This banner will include Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #s 314-325, as theses stories were woven into the Baxter Series' continuity.

Five Years Later  (Legion Vol 4)
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion appearances in the "Five Years Later" continuity from 1989-1994. This includes Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 4) #1 through the Zero Hour reboot in #61, plus Legionnaires #1-18.

The Reboot (Legion Vol 4) 
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion of Super-Heroes appearances in the post-Zero Hour universe from 1994-2005. This includes Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 4) #62-125, Legionnaires #19-81, Legion Lost #1-12, and The Legion #1-38.

The Threeboot (Legion Vol 5)
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion appearances from 2005-2009. This includes Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 5) which ran for 50 issues. Originally by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson, this iteration famously featured SuperGIRL instead of Superboy.

Retroboot or Post-Infinite Crisis Legion (Legion Vols 6 & 7)
This is the chronological review of all of the Legion of Super-Heroes appearances from 2007-2013, after they returned in "The Lightning Saga" (JLA #8-10, JSA #5-6). This will include both Legion of Super-Heroes volume 6 and volume 7, as there was no particular re-booting between them. Also included will be the Legion stories in Adventure Comics #504-522 and The Legion Academy stories from Adventure Comics #523-529.


This banner will feature reviews of trade paperbacks, Archive editions, and books about the Legion of Super-Heroes, such as The Best of the Legion Outpost, Teenagers From the Future, and The Legion Companion.  

Besides head-lining their own series for more than 50 years, the Legion appeared as guest-stars in books like JLA, DC Comics Presents, Brave & The Bold, Action Comics, JSA Classified, and many others. This banner will feature these non-chronological guest-shots. 

Specials (Stand Alones)
The Legion of Super-Heroes often appears in stand-alone stories in such titles as DC Special, DC Super-Stars, or Secret Origins,  or as part of the "variety show" line-up of heroes in series like DC Holiday Special or Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant. This banner will feature these one-and-done stories in non-chronological order.


The Legion or Legionnaires have been the stars of various mini-series, such as Cosmic Boy, Timber Wolf, Legion Worlds, and Legion of Three Worlds. These series will be reviewed here.  

Nothing is cooler than owning your own Wildfire, or Matter-Eater Lad, so this banner looks at the Legionnaires in plastic (or PVC) form, with close looks at action figures and toys of The Legion.

This banner is just what you think it is. With more than thirty good-looking young people as the main characters, you know we'll get you some cheesecake...AND beefcake! 


Help us celebrate the birthdays of the Legionnaires and the Legion of Substitute Heroes, supplied to us by the 1976 DC Calendar.

And lastly....
Various Other Labels
Besides the above Banners we will also have labels for each decade: Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, 2000s, and 2010s. These are to link different series in the same era (for example,  Cosmic Boy and the Baxter Series). These will also include ads, toys, books, merchandise, and other various non-series work. We will also have labels for all of the creative people involved in the Legion; you may have noticed Dave Cockrum, Paul Levitz, and Curt Swan are already here, with many, MANY more to come.

What The Future Holds....
That's it for now, but we are already thinking about what else we might do, especially if 1. somebody asks for it or b. we get more members! We will be adding labels for major bad guys so you can see all of their appearances in one "spot." Mordru, Lighting Lord, and the LSV are a few that will be in the first wave when it comes. When we start profiling the LSH cartoon and other media appearances we will add another banner or label for those topics. When we start reviewing "spin-off" series like Karate Kid, L.E.G.I.O.N., and Valor we'll add Banners for them, too. The Legion Universe is a vast, fun place, and we can't wait to show it all to you!

So pick a banner and start your journey into the Future! 


  1. "Our great Legion of Super-Heroes collage was done by the Great Legion Hater himself, Rob Kelly. ""

    I'm starting a FB group, the League of Legion Haters, so if anyone wants to join, please come on over!

  2. There are only two things for rejects to do, in the Legion universe: Become a Substitute-Legionnaire, or become a Super-Villain. Aqua-Boy has just made his choice.