Friday, August 8, 2014

The Legion as Guest Stars!

The Legion of Super-Heroes made their debut as guests in a Superboy story, so from the very beginning they made great Guest Stars. In fact, for their first five years of publication history they existed ONLY as Guest Stars...! Currently, as of Fall 2014, they again have no series of their own, which means that all of their newest appearances will also be as Guest Stars!
So this GUEST APPEARANCES banner will feature all the great Guest Appearances the Legion of Super-Heroes have made over the years, or will make in the future!  Here you will find stories where the Legion as a group, individual Legionnaires, or the Substitute Heroes have a) gotten co-star billing in books like The Brave & The Bold, DC Comics Presents, or Justice League of America, OR b) played pivotal roles in stories such as Action Comics, Adventure Comics, or World's Finest Comics.

The first criteria seems clear enough. The second criteria, however, is a bit more vague. Does the cameo appearance by the Legion in the classic Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow? story warrant a mention here? What about in JLA: Another Nail, or in the Superman-Flash team-up of DC Comics Presents #2? We here at Legion of Super-Bloggers don't always agree on what is a "pivotal role," so we hope to entertain you with our choices. And to whet your appetite, some of the stories we plan to review soon are illustrating this article...!
Of course, this banner will NOT feature any of the Legion of Super-Heroes' earliest appearances; those will be featured under THE ORIGINAL SERIES banner. We here at Legion of Super-Bloggers consider those earliest appearances to be more a part of the overall Legion mythos, and less as Guest Appearances of established characters. 
LONG LIVE THE LEGION ...and friends! 

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