Monday, August 18, 2014

Random Hotness in the Future....

Another one of our regular features has a simple and easy to understand banner title. It's called HOT.  We promise to feature scans or scenes of some of the Super Attractive Super-Heroines in the Legion of Super-Heroes' galaxy of stars. Already scheduled to appear are Dream Girl, Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, Shrinking Violet, Shadow Lass, and Night Girl.

But we here at the Legion of Super-Bloggers are equal opportunity voyeurs! We are connoisseurs of beautiful human bodies, no matter what their gender. So we promise to feature pictures of the Boys, Lads, and Kids, as well as the Girls and Lasses! Look forward to scans of Corset Boy, Cosmic Boy, Mon-El in the shower, Karate Kid in bed, Colossal Boy tied up, and Ultra Boy without his shirt, among others.* 

Besides showcasing actual sexiness from the comics, we will also be showcasing artwork from some of our favorites, including this haunting Shadow Lass illustration by our pal, Yildiray Cinar! This is from the TPB Legion of Super-Heroes: The Choice.

Hope you enjoy this feature, and if you have any requests OR if you have any submissions you can send them to our LSBlogger HQ at

*We do not, however, promise to present any illustrations of Bouncing Boy.



  1. It's a real shame that you felt the need to actively mock Bouncing Boy in this post. There are plenty of folks (my partner, for example) who find BB just delightful to look at. Why not just post the ones you find hot and resist the temptation to mock those you don't. I had high hopes for this blog, now I wonder.

  2. Sorry if our lame attempt at humor failed to "bounce." We didn't mean to make fun of anybody here at the LSB. We hope to present a wide spectrum of "hotness" and satisfy as many Legion fans as we can.

  3. In fact, you've only made sure we COULD promise a post about the hotness that is Chuck Tane.

    Because Triplicate Girl CERTAINLY agrees with your partner on this!

  4. Thanks! I appreciate the quick and positive response! I'm a little sensitive on this issue. I'm really, really glad to see a new LSH blog going and I'm looking forward to what you're planning!

  5. I know she's a comic book character, but I've always had a "crush" on Phantom Girl.