Sunday, March 1, 2015

Legion Archive 7: Frank Miller

Continuing the spotlight on the art of The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives. Did you know that Frank Miller of Sin City, 300, and The Dark Knight Returns, is a Legion fan?
I think we can assume he is, because this time we get a beautiful illustration from him for the seventh Archive volume.  This is another time where I think someone at DC asked the artist to supply an illustration (or the artist requested a commission?) and there was no particular requirement for which members to use. I say that because this piece features Triplicate Girl, even though she became Duo Damsel back in a story featured in Archive #6! In fact, with Dream Girl also in this illustration, this piece should have been used as the cover of Archive #2 because that was the only time Dreamy and Triplicate Girl were members at the same time!
Or maybe Frank Miller isn't such a Legion fan after all...?

Adventure Comics #359-361
Jimmy Olsen #106
Adventure Comics #362-367 

This edition we are still in Year Six, with Invisible Kid continuing as Leader. The Legion faces Universo in the classic "Legion Chain Gang" story. Then they face "Unkillables" and Jimmy Olsen comes to the future in one of his few Legion-related stories. Then the Legion faces off against Mantis Morlo and his Chemoids, the Legion of Super-Pets return, and Shadow Lass joins the Legion before we meet the Dark Circle for the first time.
Quite an eclectic collection!


  1. I wonder if he he some deal to do archives. He did the cover for the volume 1 of Supergirl. Somehow, I doubt he is a Kara fan.

  2. "Frank Miller's Legion of Super-Heroes" is, in fact, one book I wouldn't want to read.

    Well, I'd read it, but I'd feel like I was slowing down to look at a car crash.

  3. Frank's a Legion fan huh? So is that why there were random people in LoSH costumes in TDKSA?

    No seriously for anyone that doesn't know. The Dark Knight Strikes Again contains random easter eggs of characters in LoSH costumes from Joker (in reality Dick Grayson who became Joker because.....uh... because) wearing Cosmic Boy & other costumes, Too a little girl in Saturn Girls costume, to some chick wearing Ultra Boy's costume talking about sexual innuendos....Dark Knight Strikes Again really tainted every DC character....even the ones who didn't appear in it.