Monday, March 30, 2015

The Legion meets The New Teen Titans

Check out this teen-age picnic!
This is an ad for the mid-Eighties books Legion of Super-Heroes and The New Teen Titans when they were in the midst of switching over to "Baxter" direct-only books. This appeared in the DC Sampler #3. 

Things to notice:
Blok is eating a hamburger!?
White Witch and Raven are comparing spells
Chameleon Boy and Changeling are fighting as animals?
Sun Boy is hitting on Starfire

Art is by Dan Jurgens and Romeo Tanghal


  1. It amazes me that DC didn't make this happen in the 80s. It was a license to print money, teaming their two hottest teams, from their two hottest books. This was probably as close as we got.

    I like how Dream Girl is swooning over Nightwing. What is it with him, anyway?


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