Sunday, June 7, 2015

Open Call For New LSB Members!

Do you love The Legion of Super-Heroes? 

Do you enjoy writing or talking about The Legion of Super-Heroes? 

If so, then do we have an offer for you!

The Legion of Super-Bloggers is currently looking to expand its membership. If you would like to try writing regularly for this blog, we want to talk to you!

Would you like to write reviews of one of the ongoing Legion titles?

What about reviewing the animated series?

Or profiling some of the Legion dolls action figures?

Maybe you would prefer to write one-off posts on obscure Legion merchandise, such as the Superboy model kit or the Ultra Boy t-shirt?

Or maybe you would be happiest writing essays, such as "Comparing the Changing Fashions in the Legion," or "Who Would Win in a Fight, Karate Kid or Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter?"

If any of these ideas for posts sound fun to you, or inspires your own, the Legion of Super-Bloggers wants to hear from YOU!

Here's all you have to do. Simply write up an article about some aspect of the Legion that you are interested in. Then send it as an attachment to That's it! If you like, you can write us first to signify your intent and make sure your topic hasn't already been covered!

We founders will review all submissions, and if we like what we read, you're in! Writing well is the only super-power you need to have to join us---although a healthy respect for deadlines and a sense of teamwork won't hurt!*

(Just as with real Legion try-outs, you can even write a one-off piece then refuse our invitation and turn villain!)

So if you or someone you know is interested in this creative outlet, don't just stand there like Stone Boy, send us some writing. We'll print the best ones, and pick the best writers to join us!

*You must also attend regular FB chats at least once a month or otherwise check in regularly, vow not to kill except in self-defense, and hug your kids or your pets at least once a day.

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