Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Clark Kent!

According to the 1976 DC Calendar, today is the birthday of Clark Kent. It is the anniversary of the date that the rocket-ship carrying baby Kal-El arrived on Earth. For the rest of their lives, Martha and Jonathan celebrated this day as the date their son came into their lives.

That makes Clark Kent a Gemini. Buttering someone up to get what you want isn't necessarily an evil manipulation. Sweetness, kindness, flattery, and smooth handling might be what's required to make things fit together.

As an extra bonus, here are a few Clark Kents.

The Fleisher cartoon version of Clark Kent

Kirk Alyn as the very first real-life Clark Kent
in the SUPERMAN serial

George Reeves as TV's Clark Kent

Filmation's Clark Kent


Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent from SUPERMAN

 Super Powers Mail Away Clark Kent action figure

Gerard Christopher as Clark Kent from SUPERBOY

Dean Cain as Clark Kent from LOIS & CLARK

Clark Kent from SUPERMAN The Animated Series

Tom Welling as Clark Kent in SMALLVILLE

Brandon Routh as Clark Kent from SUPERMAN RETURNS

Clark Kent from BATMAN: The Brave & The Bold

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in THE MAN OF STEEL


  1. So Clark's officially 4 months younger than Superman?

  2. And here I always thought it was February 29th.

    1. Superman's birthday IS recognized as February 29. He got so many questions about when his birthday was from all his fans that he picked that date publicly to cut down on the number of parades and celebrations. That was established in a '50s Superman story.
      Clark Kent would naturally have a different birthday than Superman. ;-)