Saturday, June 13, 2015

Convergence: Blue Beetle #2

Hey Legionnaires! Kord Kid here. I know what you're thinking..."What the?! 'Convergence: Blue Beetle'...on the Legion of Super-Bloggers?" Normally you'd be right, and I'd be doing this issue recap over at my other blog, Kord Industries. This time though? This time is different, trust me! The Legion makes an appearance. If you haven't read issue #1, it's actually OK, they didn't show up in the first part. If you're curious though you can read all about it here (click me). Now sit back and relax as I bring you, "Convergence: Blue Beetle" #2, written by Scott Lobdell, with art by Yishan Li.

For those who came in late, Hub City (from Earth-4, the Charlton Action Heroes) is under one of Brainiac's domes. Telos, Brainiac's living planet, is pitting world against world in a battle for survival. As this issue opens, the trio of Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and the Question find themselves outnumbered by "dozens" of Legionnaires!

Cosmic Boy, Brainiac-5 and Timber Wolf descend from the sky to meet with the Charlton Trio on the roof of Blue Beetle's flying ship, the BUG. Blue Beetle, much to his teammates surprise, announces himself leader when Cosmic Boy inquires. While Timber Wolf wants to get right to the fight, but B-5 advises diplomacy is the best course. 

Both sides then ask for the other to surrender, and both sides decline. Blue Beetle activates the electrified plating on the hull of his ship to shock the Legionnaires, giving him and his partners time to regroup into the BUG. Once inside Tracy, Blue Beetle's assistant, informs them what they're up against. By hacking their flight rings (that function as a communicator and bio-scanner) they now "know almost everything about them that they know about them". 

Meanwhile, outside, Colossal Boy has grabbed hold of the BUG, ready to end things before they start...

Blue Beetle manages to teleport the ship away, just in time. He's got a plan, but he needs a distraction, so Captain Atom and the Question jump in and take action. Invisible Kid and Brainiac-5 are flying with a group of Legionnaires, in the middle of discussing the idea that there is no way a three man team (only one of who has powers) can stop them...when Captain Atom flies right into them, knocking them down like bowling pins! 

He then takes the fight to Cosmic Boy, before finding himself triple teamed by Ferro, Invisible Kid and Star BoyWhile, on a nearby rooftop, the Question finds himself confronted by Brainiac-5 and Karate Kid. With one inquiry, the Question seems to incapacitate B-5

Back in the BUG, Blue Beetle is reviewing all the data Tracy was able to gather on the Legionnaires...and he's focused on three in particular; Saturn Girl, Sensor and Computo. A couple page turns later (thanks DCYou) and the trio arrive at Blue Beetle's ship, mysteriously brought to the location by their flight rings. 

Off panel, Beetle reveals to them a plan that is crazy...but just might be crazy enough to work.

Outside the rest of the heroes find Hub City falling down around them, the victim of a sudden earthquake! Both sides are devastated, it all happened so quickly there was simply no time to react. 

Blue Beetle and Saturn Girl summon everyone into the BUG to discuss the terms of surrender...until once inside, all is revealed. From the eye shaped portholes of the BUG, they all can see the city is safe and sound! 

Beetle pulled Saturn Girl, Sensor, and Computo into his plan to create a massive illusion! With Telos convinced one side beat the other, the two teams can now focus on how to bring the bad guy down!, aside from the standard formula that all of the "Convergence" titles suffered from this was a lot of fun! I'm a huge Blue Beetle fan, obviously the blog was probably a giveaway. I've been doing double blog duty (sporadically I know...sorry Russell!) over here while learning the ins and outs of the Legion. So what a happy coincidence to find both sides meeting in one story! Lobdell really gave Blue Beetle a chance to shine, and spotlighted several Legionnaires I wasn't familiar with. I mean who knew Sensor/Princess Projectra was a snake-like thing at one point? Not me! Li's artwork may not have been my first choice. I'm not familiar with either set of heroes being drawn in a Japanese manga influenced style before...but it works! Heck, I'd love to see a follow-up to this (not holding my breath) as I thought the two very different teams working together was a very interesting dynamic. So what do you think Legion fans? Share your thoughts in the comments...and Long Live the Legion!

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