Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Invisible Kid (II)!

According to the 2995 LSH Sourcebook, today will be the birthday of Jacques Foccart, better known throughout the galaxy as the second Invisible Kid.
Invisible Kid joined the Legion in its eleventh year as Legionnaire #32. He served with valor until the events of the Magic Wars.
Invisible Kid is a Virgo. The surface of things will tell one story, but the whole story will require more effort. When they know you are really interested, they will want to tell you the truth.

As an extra bonus, here's the scene where Invisible Kid decided to embrace his destiny and remain as a Legionnaire. Originally he took the invisibility serum out of necessity to try to save his sister's life, but here he chooses to keep his powers rather than give them up. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #19 with art by Chuck Patton & Mike Decarlo)

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