Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Who's Who: Visi-Lad

by Siskoid

Real Name: Rhent Ustin
Super-Power(s): Telescopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, and hypnotic vision
Planet of Origin: Unknown, but found and raised on Earth
Legion Seniority: Visi-Lad was the ninth recruit to join the Legion in the mostly-unchronicled era known as the Five-Year Gap.

Legion Log
Visi-Lad's origins are a complete mystery. He was found as an infant with four eyes, left outside an orphanage on Earth. He was adopted and given the name Rhent Ustin, and his adoptive parents helped him develop control over his eyes' super-powers. With their guidance, he enrolled in the Legion Academy where he shared at least one adventure with some Legionnaires.

During the so-called Five-Year Gap, Visi-Lad got the call to join the Legion after its ranks had been decimated following the Black Dawn event. He participated in few missions before the Legion was disbanded. When the Dominators took over Earthgov, Rhent was captured and placed in experimentation chambers. When their Triple Strike program caused fusion powerspheres the world over to explode, they released null radiation that caused him to grow a third pair of eyes. He survived the Dominion War and joined Luornu and Chuck Taine in training the United Planets Militia Academy.

Neither the Reboot nor the Threeboot seems to contain a version of Visi-Lad.

After Infinite Crisis, Visi-Lad
's original history has more or less been re-established. He is once more a student at Legion Academy.

Important Visi-Lad Stories:

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) Annual #3
First appearance of Visi-Lad as a student of Legion Academy

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #54
Visi-Lad expresses lust for Shvaughn Erin

Legion of Super-Heroes (v4) #57
After the Five-Year Gap, Visi-Lad is back in action at the United Planets Militia Academy

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5
Visi-Lad's Legion membership is confirmed as he takes part in the Final Crisis
(under Lightning Lad)

Legion of Super-Heroes (v6) #6
After Infinite Crisis, Visi-Lad is once again a student at Legion Academy


  1. Even though Visi-Lad is the focus of the panels above, what I am going to remember longest from them is Comet Queen's idiotic dialogue in the first one. She should never be allowed to talk...

  2. I hate Comet Queen's speech pattern - and thus Comet Queen - SO DAMN MUCH!

  3. I like that he had the micro and telescopic vision, but also an offensive power. Not sure how hypnotic vision would work. I would rather see an actual force beam instead of heat vision since there are so many characters with heat vision. Maybe Freeze Vision or Photonic vision?