Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Wildfire Jack O'Lantern

Happy Halloween everyone!

My creative outlet in Halloween is the jack o'lantern. Every year I carve 4-5 pumpkins and I try to up the difficulty level each year. Usually there is a theme for my kids and one jack o'lantern that is strictly for me. Something the neighbors look at and wonder what it is.

Anyone who knows me knows that Wildfire is my favorite Legionnaire. So this year I decided I would try my hand at a Wildfire carving. And, I think, it came out pretty good. It was hard to try to figure out the right pose to highlight the cowl/helmet, the chest symbol, and the face plate. Luckily I found a panel by Greg LaRocque that worked. I think this ended up looking pretty good.

That said, the original plan was for some energy leaking out of the little vent at the top of the helmet with Kirby crackle. Turns out that Kirby crackle is tough to pull off! I drew a bunch of circles to represent the dots but it just looked like dots and not crackle. So I decided to not go there.

For a process piece, here is the pumpkin unlit (before I tried the crackle effect in ink).

This takes time, a sharp exacto knife/scalpel, a set of cheap woodcarving tools, and patience.

I don't think this Wildfire jack o'lantern matches the Sensor Girl one I did in 2014. That one was just unbelievable.