Monday, May 8, 2017

The FW Podcast: Who's Who in the Legion (2)

The Fire and Water Podcast Presents…
Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes episode 2

The cross-over you thought would never continue----continues!

The Irredeemable Shag teams-up with the Legion of Super-Bloggers to cover the galactic seven-issue mini-series! A three-episode podcast has its second episode on-line starting TODAY at the Fire & Water Podcast Network!

Our second podcast episode features reviews of the third and fourth issues of Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes, the seven issue mini-series from 1988. For Episode 2 of the podcast Shag welcomes LSB Constitutional Scholar Siskoid 5 and Silver Age Lover Tim to talk about issue 3, featuring the Infinite Man, Lady Memory, Laurel Kent, and the Legion of Substitute Heroes, along with a few actual Legionnaires! For the second half of the episode Shag and Tim were joined by Dr. Anj in their talk about issue 4, which features the Legion of Super-Villains, the Ranzz Family, Mon-El, and many many more!

You can find the episode on

Hop in your Legion Cruiser and go there RIGHT NOW and listen. Then leave Listener Feedback on their page as well as here on our page.

Here is some great art to whet your appetite for what we talk about!

The cover to Who's Who in the Legion #3 is by Greg LaRoque and Karl Kesel. It's a different take on the subject, as it only shows Legionnaires in silhouette against a massive panorama of space.

In the first half, Shag, Siskoid, and Tim talk about the profiled characters, as well as a "special" article about important planets in the Legion universe. This takes the place of the history summaries from the first two issues. For example, here is the page that features Medicus One and Nullport, two places that played important roles in the then-current Legion run. Art by Keith Giffen and Bob Smith.

Among the actual profiles, we especially enjoyed talking about the following.

The Infinite Man by Ty Templeton.

Lady Memory by Bove.

Laurel Kent by Rob Liefeld

The Legion of Substitute Heroes by Keith Giffen and Richard Bruning. Siskoid's favorites!

The cover to Who's Who in the Legion #4 is by Ty Templeton. This one, too, is different from the normal "posing" or "rushing the camera" type covers we're used to. As the issue boasts a 13-page feature on the home planets of Legionnaires, Templeton takes that idea and runs with it.

In the second half of the episode, Shag and Tim team with Dr. Anj to talk through the Legion of Super-Villains and into Mon-El. Well, not "into" Mon-El per se. Although he was in the Phantom Zone for years, so we could have talked thru him....They also look at this issue's special feature on Legion Homeworlds.

Among the profiles we discussed were...

Saturn Queen, sporting a very 1980's look, by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt

Lightning Lass, a favorite of many Legion Bloggers, by Greg LaRocque and Bob Smith

70's sci-fi villains, the Luck Lords, by Valentino and Robert Campenella

Matter-Eater Lad by Ty Templeton

Mon-El by Curt Swan & Robert Campanella



  1. Why is Matter - Eater Lad eating a fedora hat ?

    How lame of the artist !

  2. First, all fedoras must die.

    Second, probably just to cleanse the palate.

  3. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but reading the Legion reprints in Adventure digests made me wonder how Matter Eater Lad go into the Legion where most of the Subs got the boot.


    1. I absolutely agree with you. I have never cared fro MEL. I just don't "get" him.

    2. The Legion's elite are powergamers, and they know that any superpower that is defined in absolute terms (can eat anything, say) is something that they'll eventually find a way to abuse the heck out of. Say, by eating the Miracle Machine...

    3. The Subs lost out because their powers were usually intermittent, unreliable or lacked control. Matter-Eater Lad may not have a "cool" power, but it certainly isn't useless or out of control.