Tuesday, May 9, 2017

LSH (v2) #300 Cover Who Drew It?!

This week we here at the Legion of Super-Bloggers are reviewing the 300th issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes!
As part of that celebration we are presenting today just the cover art for that issue....and reminding you of the "Name The Artist" contest that was mentioned in this issue!

Editor Karen Berger listed 34 artists and told us that each of the 28 characters above was drawn by a DIFFERENT artist/artistic team.

So who drew which character?
Take a good look and make some guesses.
The answers after the jump!

The answers to this contest were printed in LSH #306.  The winner was David Zimmerman from St. Louis, who correctly identified 21 of the 28 Legionnaires' artists!

And now here are the answers, going from left to right starting at the top:

Supergirl by Carmine Infantino & Bob Oksner
Invisible Kid by Paris Cullins
Colossal Boy by George Perez
Dawnstar by Joe Kubert
Superboy by Kurt Schaffenberger
Sun Boy by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN)
White Witch by Don Heck
Karate Kid by Jim Aparo
Queen Projectra by Jan Duursema
Timber Wolf by Gene Colan & Frank Giacoia
Phantom Girl by Dave Cockrum
Shrinking Violet by Ed Hannigan & Bob Smith
Blok by Walt Simonson
Star Boy by George Tuska & Mike DeCarlo
Dream Girl by Jim Sherman
Brainiac 5 by Howard Chaykin
Ultra Boy by Curt Swan
Wildfire by Howard Bender & Dave Hunt
Cosmic Boy by Keith Giffen & Larry Mahlstedt
Saturn Girl by Dick Giordano
Lightning Lad by Larry Mahlstedt & Keith Giffen
Mon-El by Gil Kane
Element Lad by Trevor Von Eeden
Chameleon Boy by Joe Orlando
Proty II by Keith Giffen & Dan Adkins
Shadow Lass by Ross Andru & Romeo Tanghal
Duo Damsel by Ernie Colon
Bouncing Boy by Joe Staton

How many did YOU recognize? Come on, you HAD to have known a few...! George Perez, Dave Cockrum, Carmine Infantino, and Kurt Schaffenberger have pretty recognizable styles.

The review of the issue itself will appear here on Friday. Starting this week, the '80s Levitz-Giffen issue reviews will be covered by Anj on Fridays. Russell will be back here next Tuesday with some *other* Legion story!


  1. I remember getting about half of them right. It was tough!

  2. In retrospect, several of them were quite obvious.

    --George Perez and Dave Cockrum had very distinctive styles, especially with faces.

    --Supergirl and Superboy were drawn by the artists who were working on their current, ongoing series.

    --Gil Kane had a very distinctive form of line-work.

    --Jim Sherman also had a distinctive face-style, especially in this scale.

    --Karate Kid could have come out a panel from Brave & Bold, it was so Aparo.

    --On the other hand, Timber Wolf had a rather broad, Tuska-esque face, not Gene Colan's moody shadows.

    --Ultra Boy is in a very typical Curt Swan pose, looking somewhat 2-dimensional.

    --Element Lad reflected Trevor Von Eeden's typical undefined facial features.

    But like I said, in retrospect. At the time, I had absolutely no idea. I went looking for Giffen/Mahlstedt indicators, as their style was the most familiar to me. And I think I guessed correctly that it was Cos.

    I also remember looking at Lightning Lad after the answers were announced, and wondering how an issue would look with Mahlstedt penciling and Giffen inking, just as an experiment...