Friday, August 18, 2017

Terrificon and Keith Giffen

Hey all!

I know everyone is eager to read my review of Legion of Super-Heroes #313, the last issue before the commencement of the Baxter run. But life here is busy and I haven't had a chance to write that review because I have been prepping for TerrifiCon this weekend.

While I did go to Boston Comic Con this year, I am considering TerrifiCon my 'big' convention, going all three days and really stuffing by bag with issues to get signed.

If you peruse the guest list, you'll see a great mix of both current and legendary creators. Many of these creators I have never run into before at a convention and many are huge presences in my comic book life. Marty Pasko. Steve Englehart. Peter David. Paul Kupperberg. Jerry Ordway. Marv Wolfman. Roy Thomas. Etc etc. It is an amazing list.

Oh, and there is this creator...

I have never run into Giffen at a con before and when I look at my collection, I could easily bring a long box for him to sign. From the Legion to Doom Patrol to 52 to Justice League 3001, his name is everywhere in my collection.

Even if I just brought the Legion issues, it would probably be a short box. Whether it is the Great Darkness era or the early Baxter run or my beloved 5YL, Giffen is a major force in the history of my favorite super-team.

I seriously wonder if I am going to blather like an idiot when I meet him, talking about how much I love his work. It is hard to meet one's heroes.

And then there is the matter of books to bring to sign! I truly try to limit myself to a maximum of 10. I also try, when possible, to have Supergirl-specific issues. And then trying to pick out my favorite Legion issues was nearly impossible.

Here are the ten that I have out now. I have to include Justice League #1 and Doom Patrol #1. I have to include Supergirl #16, it has a Giffen cover. So then it is time for the top 7.

I debated lifting out JL3001 for more Legion issues but I loved that title and I loved that Supergirl so I felt I needed to include it. And the other Legion issues should stand on their own merit. 5YL Legion #12 is my absolute favorite of that run.

As for the almosts. Legion of Super-Heroes #303 just missed the cut as did one of the Convergence Matrix Supergirl issues.

I know, I know. There are so many more issues that are awesome. Which books would you bring to get signed?

I'll try to live tweet and let you all know how it went at some point here!


  1. Legion 5YL #12. That is all I need to know.
    Tell Keith many, many of us around the world said "hi" and "thank you"

  2. 5YL #4, Mon-El in all his glory.