Monday, October 1, 2018

LEGION TOYS: Star Boy (DC Signature Collection)

He wants to be alone so he can process this
To a point of understandingness
Starboy! That’s who he is that’s not who he ain’t
Starboy! He knows it now and now it's the truth...
The Captain of Outer Space that is his brother, Uh-huh!
The Captain of Outer Space he knows it’s true, Uh-huh!

He wants to be Alone...

That's all I've got. Here's the more erudite background on the character from his DC Signature Collection Box Back.

Star Boy, or Starman, is on the slimmer 'adult' sized DC Universe Classics buck. At this point with the Matty Collector Subscription service, Mattel appears to have been courting the various factions of the DC Comics fans on all fronts. This figure not only could serve as Thom Kallor a.k.a. Star Boy with his bearded head sculpt, but also the default head could serve as the Starman from the pages of both Kingdom Come and Justice Society of America. The DC Fanboy that I am, I purchased two of these figures, so one could hang with the JSA and one could hang with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

While the Legion/Bearded Head Sculpt is unique to the figure, the Starman/JSA Head Sculpt is simply an easy reuse of the DC Universe Classics Wave 19 Atom (who is also a JSA team member!). I suppose the reuse for Starman/Star Boy was to balance out the cost-effectiveness of that year's wave (or so Matty was always telling us). The figure's primary distinctions come solely through paint applications. Save, of course, for the previously mentioned Legionnaire Head Sculpt, which is quite well done and I even considered using the extra bearded head for a Niles Caulder aka The Chief custom.

There are 24-points of articulation that I count on Star Boy. Head moves from left to right, and slightly up and down. Arms can move up and down, as well as rotate in a circular fashion. There are bicep cuts that swivel, joints at the elbow and the fists can rotate as well. He has an ab-crunch that moves in an approximately 30/70 ratio. He also has a waist swivel. His legs move up and he can also do the splits. Swivels are just above the knee. Knee joints and ankle rockers complete the standard articulation.

 "Remember that time everybody thought Ultra Boy murdered somebody? Star Boy was totally there! (And yes Derek ran out of cool ideas for Star Boy photos, hence  this totally Meta-Matty Collector Reuse photo! Star Boy is totally in it (way in the background! See?)!!!!"

As previously indicated, the paint applications make up most of the distinguishing factors in a figure build on strong reuse of pre-existing sculpted pieces. The pearl-white gloves and boots are painted on, with no raised detailing. The Black Plastic used for the figure's remaining paint is slightly translucent to add to the other-worldly effect wearing a map of the Multiverse on a man's body can have on a person. There's also a randomized glitter effect used to represent the star field spanning across the black, translucent plastic portions. It looks pretty good under some strong or sharp lighting, but I also feel like with the passage of time the glitter effect used tends to have a certain half-life based on the environmental conditions of how the action figure is stored. Comparing my two figures,
I think one of their star fields has a bit more wear and tear and the glitter has evaporated a bit more on one than the other. Having said all that, I think the glitter effect would have been gangbusters on a Donna Troy Wonder Girl variant figure in this line.

 "And he's going to recommend you listen to Super-Mates, The Husband And Wife Geek Cast over on the Fire And Water Network!"

It's nice that the DC Signature Collection Club Infinite Earths line could squeak out one more Legionnaire for the road before the line's ultimate demise in 2013. It's too bad there was never a second box set, or even another Legionnaire in the 2013 subscription. I mean gimme an easy reuse Element Lad or Duo Damsel (I woulda bought three of 'em!) Or better yet, they should have made his main gal pal, Dream Girl over Bat-Flippin'-Zarro any day of the week! Plus Legion of Super-Heroes #306, which features this version of Star Boy, is even approved by he who hates the Legion with the passion of one-thousand fiery suns, Rob Kelly! Not every Legionnaire can say that, now can they?


  1. LOVE that 'action' shot. I knew exactly which story you were referencing. Very cool! And that Levitz/Giffen Star Boy story is one of my favorites.

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