Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Who's Who: Marko Chang

Marko Chang
by Russell & Siskoid

Real Name: Marko Chang
Super-Power(s): None
Planet of Origin: Earth
Relationship to Legion: Adversarial

Legion Log
Metropolis City Council member Marko Chang accused five Legionnaires of being complicit in the death of his son, Redvik. Chang had learned that energy from the Titanian Psycho-Beast could cure his son of his rare ailment called synapse syndrome. However, when Chang made the effort to capture the animal to use it to save his son's life, he was thwarted by the Legion of Super-Heroes. When Redvik fell into a deep, death-like coma, Chang used his political position to challenge the Legion on its moral stance.

Of course, the Legion had stopped Chang from capturing or killing the Psycho-Beast in order to use its energy to revive a wounded Wildfire first. Then after Wildfire was restored by the animal's energy, he used some of his excess energy to revive Redvik, who was never dead at all.

All charges of murder or intention to commit murder were dropped. Redvik was sent to a doctor for a full examination, with the assumption that he made a full recovery. No word on whether Marko Chang subsequently lost his seat on the City Council or not.

Marko Chang reappears in neither the Reboot nor the Threeboot.
After Infinite Crisis, Marko Chang's original history has presumably been more or less restored.

Only Marko Chang story:

Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes #235
(reprinted in Superboy & The Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1)

Marko Chang accuses five Legionnaires of murder
although his son is still alive!

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