Monday, January 21, 2019

TreasuryCast #31: Superboy & The Legion of Super-Heroes

This week the Legion of Super-Bloggers presents 
A Crossover Event for the Ages! 

The Fire and Water Podcast Network presents Treasury Cast! 
A podcast devoted to the greatest comic-book format of all time, the Treasury Edition!

In this episode, Treasury Lover Rob Kelly welcomes Legion Lover Russell Burbage to talk about Limited Collectors' Edition C-49, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes!

click on the image to blow it up as big as Colossal Boy
The Legion of Super-Bloggers welcomes the chance to talk about the Legion at any place, at any time! So when the Fire and Wire Podcast Network called and asked us to talk about one of the two Legion Treasuries, we jumped at the chance!

Rob and Russell talk about the whole book, starting with the fantastic cover by Mike Grell of ALL of the then-current Legionnaires!!

The majority of the book is, of course, a reprint of the Legion's first recorded battle against Mordru the Merciless (it's right there in the name) from Adventure Comics #s 369-370. There is also a two-page spread of the wedding of Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy, and several pages profiling the headquarters of the Legion.

According to our sources, Curt Swan inked his own work on this FANTASTIC splash page
The infamous two-page spread from Superboy/Legion #200 by Dave Cockrum.
Click on the image to enlarge it to see the attendees in the nose-bleed sections

click on the image to Colossal Boy-it
panels taken from this particular MORDRU story, as well as from 
more recent Legion stories illustrated by Dave Cockrum or Mike Grell 

the splash to the concluding chapter of the saga, starring....Pete Ross and Lana Lang!?!! 

Listen to our review of the issue here, 
and tell Rob that the Legion of Super-Bloggers sent you!

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