Friday, May 3, 2019

Colleen Doran Autographs

After a week off, I am back with another post of my meeting great Legion creators. Today I talk about my brief interaction with Colleen Doran.

It was many years ago in Boston. And I was still in the mode of being a little nervous around creators and trying to be brief in my interactions. Nowadays, assuming no line of people behind me, I try to talk to creators a bit more.

I saw that Doran was a guest. I knew she loved the Legion and Element Lad. And I knew that I had books to get signed by her. I also knew I would love to talk Legion stuff with her.

But remember I wasn't in that mode back then. So instead I just thanked her for coming and put the books down. The cool thing is that Doran saw they were mostly Legion books and seemed happy to see them. She asked if I was a Legion fan and I said I was a lifelong fanatic.

She signed all my books 'To Andrew, Long Live the Legion, Colleen Doran'.

Here is Legion of Super-Heroes #27 .This book was one of those rest issues in the Baxter run. 4 short stories were in this issue drawn by Greg LaRocque and Mike DeCarlo, Gene Colan, Shawn McManus, and Colleen Doran. Doran's story was appropriately Element Lad bringing Schvaughn Erin to Trom.

(You may notice Mike DeCarlo's signature on the cover as well.)

 I also had her sign the 5YL issue Legion of Super-Heroes #31. This was another Jan/Schvaughn story. But it was the issue where we learned that Schvaughn was actually Sean. This was a book printed in the early 90s doing its best to tackle transgender issues. Pretty progressive.

I love that Doran, a confessed Element Lad fan, was able to draw these big stories for that character.

Lastly, I will say again that I have been on social media for a while and blogging for nearly a dozen years. I consider my work reviewing the 5YL books to be my high point.

I also had her sign Legionnaires #8.  I didn't collect Legionnaires for too long. But the fact I have a Doran book focusing around Brainiac 5 and Laurel Gand makes me very happy.

Lastly, I am thrilled that Colleen Doran will be appearing at Terrificon this year and I will be attending. I will try to talk to her more this time.

Any questions you want me to bring up?

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  1. I honestly don’t know that Ms. Doran is as celebrated today as she probably should be... beyond any of her work with Marvel or DC, in the 80s she was writing and drawing her own sci-fi/fantasy epic... and it was great! I don’t know that I hear her acknowledged as the trailblazer she was too often.