Friday, May 24, 2019

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Autograph

Welcome to the last of my Legion Autograph posts.

I feel both elated and a little upset with myself about this signature story.

One of my comic book gods is Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. We in the comic internet don't say 'Praised be his name' when we talk about him for nothing.

His work spans comics and companies. But his work on anything Legion of Super-Heroes is almost non-existent.

Garcia-Lopez was a guest at Boston Comic Con a few years ago and I brought him Legion of Super-Heroes #55 , I believe his only Legion work, to get signed.

The issue is a classic 'catch up' issue by Paul Levitz. We get four separate brief stories catching us up on some of the Legionnaires personal lives. Garcia-Lopez drew the Dream Girl story. So I had him sign on her 'square of the cover'.

I have to admit, I talked almost exclusively about Superman during my brief time at his table. (The rest of the talk was gushing over his work on Howard Chaykin's Twilight'.) So I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to talk Legion with him.

The story is Dream Girl trying to assess her life, torn between Atmos and Star Boy, torn between her life with the Legion and her life away from it.

I believe Al Gordon inked this work. It doesn't look like Garcia-Lopez inked himself. As a result, this isn't the purest of JLGL. But it is still him drawing the Legion. I can't complain.

Now the sad part.

I have run into Keith Giffen and Eric Larsen at other cons. I could have obtained their signatures for this cover as well. Hopefully I'll run into those two again at another convention.

Garcia-Lopez is just the sweetest man and takes time to talk to all his fans. He is still sketching for fans and it is worth. Praised be his name.

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  1. I have met and chatted with him at several Cons. I have an original Aquaman sketch and various signatures....including on this very Legion cover, too!
    And by the way, he also did the art for the Legion story in the DC Super-Heroes Christmas Dollar Comic circa 1980. That story is BEAUTIFUL.