Friday, December 27, 2019

Who's Who: Elements of Disaster

Elements of Disaster
by Siskoid

Members: Phy'r, Rrok (or Rrox), A'rie, and Ebb
Real Names: Dirk Morgna, Brika, Flutter, and none
Super-Power(s): Control over each of their elements
Planets of Origin: Earth, Dyrad, Swizzar, and unknown
Relationship to Legion: Enemies

Legion Log
In the Reboot, the hero Dragonmage lost some of his magical abilities after a battle with Mordru. Seeking to restore them, he opened a prison containing elemental spirits banished long ago. The mystical energy beings launched into space and possessed four hosts that were in some way connected to the elements.

The winged Flutter was transformed into A'rie, element of the air. Earth possessed Brika, a Dryadan negotiating with destructive colonists; when he became Rrok, it destroyed the planet Dryad. A jellyfish-like servant of Gil'Dan diplomats was turned into Ebb, the element of water who, in revenge for the way it was treated, sent the entire Gil'Dan planet's oceans into space. As for fire, it took over  Dirk Morgna, who had struggled with uncontrollable flame-projection powers after an encounter with Dr. Regulus; he became the giant flame monster Phy'r and started laying waste to Neo-Tokyo.

These Elements of Disaster then headed for Mordru's tomb on planetoid JS-1967 to wreak vengeance on the wizard that once imprisoned him. It took the assembled strength of the Legion, the witch Mysa, and a repentant Dragonmage to stop them from accidentally releasing Mordru, and to release their hosts. Only Dirk Morgna and Brika survived the encounter, however. Dirk gained the ability to see invisible energies (which led to the discovery of the being who would become Wildfire), while Brika, having destroyed his home world, lost cohesion later.

After Infinite Crisis, the Elements of Diaster do not appear to exist (except Sun Boy, of course).

Important Elements of Disaster stories:

Legionnaires #71
The elements are freed and possess four hosts who become known as the Elements of Disaster

Legionnaires #72
The Elements of Disaster wreak havoc all over the galaxy

Legionnaires #73
The Legion manages to stop the Elements of Disaster

Legionnaires #74
Brika finally dies from the loss of his homeworld

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  1. I thought the names were silly, but the story was pretty decent.