Monday, May 17, 2021

A Valorous Letter, Read but Unheeded

by Siskoid

My thanks to the Grand Poomba of the Legion of Super-Bloggers, Little Russell Burbage, for spotting a fan letter I'd completely forgotten about in Valor #14 (reacting to #10). 

Here we go:

I'm repeating someone else's sentiment, but I think it needed to be said again and again. Basically, look, we get that Valor is about a young hero coming into his own, but he's never gonna come into his own if he's perpetually saddled with guest-stars who steal all his thunder. They say they hear me, but has anything changed since issue 10? No! It's even gotten worse!

Like, I was right that Mark Waid brought some excitement to the book, but that was mostly by making it tie into what was happening with the Legion of Super-Heroes!
In fact, the last couple issues of the book will do away with Young Valor completely and just be a bonus book for the LSH during Zero Hour. But never mind the Legion, we're in the present day, and so...
Right. Some version of the Justice League, with several big guns. They've got to be in it, too. Oh, and they need to save Valor's bacon, because that's part of what's been going on for more than a year - Lar Gand getting OWNED every issue.
And getting the Legion and JLA to show up in your solo title would normally be enough, but look who else crashes the party:
Okay, Superman, we know you're a big deal, geez. Can't this kid have a solo book that is ACTUALLY a solo book?

Ironically, it won't happen until Superman goes to New Krypton and leaves him in charge of "Superman". I was shouting at the ocean on this one.

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