Monday, May 3, 2021

LEGION TOYS: Batman (DC Universe Classics)

When the cold wind howls and the wild wolf growls the light of day grows dim; From the Earth's dark bowel in a cape and cowl stalks a figure solemn and grim. His visage is awesome. It's sheer terror to cross him, the evilest men blanch with fear. But the innocent praise him, no villain can faze him, 'tis justice and law he reveres. The Batman. Classic Detective Batman that is.

Crime Stopper or Classic Detective Batman has a sculpt that evokes a classic Neal Adams or Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN) Batman. The ears are not crazy large, nor are they short stubs. The Utility Belt has a square belt buckle and the capsules, rather than pouches. The scallops on the arms are about the same length as the ears. The cape also has an original sculpt with the pointed edges at the ends. His face is thoughtful and determined, but not angry or grim-dark. This Batman could take on a murderous Joker in "The Joker's Five Way Revenge", but also hang out with Scooby-Doo or the Super Powers Team.

I count 25 points of articulation on Crime Stopper or Classic Detective Batman in total. His neck can move in a 360 rotation, pretty far up and a little ways down and also from side to side. Arms can move up and down, as well as rotate in a circular fashion. There are bicep cuts that swivel and single joints at the elbow. The wrists can rotate. There is an ab-crunch and also a waist swivel cut. The legs move forward and back and can do the splits. Single-Knee joints and ankle tilts for forward and backward motion complete the standard articulation.

The Paint Applications are well done. The blues pop and the greys are fairly dark and consistent. The four-color banana yellow on the Utility Belt is much appreciated, with a nice orange to simulate a gold belt buckle. The Bat-symbol with the lemon yellow oval is a well applied tampo. The flesh tone on the lower jaw works well and the white eye lenses, black shadow over the forehead to the nose does a great job of approximating the feel of Batman in a Comic Book. The eyebrows being highlighted with the same blue color of the boots, cape, underoos and gloves is a great touch!

This is my preferred DC Universe Classics Batman and is displayed with my other Super Friends. I do think his leg spread is a bit too large, which was a problem that carried over from the DC Select Sculpt line from Mattel. Also, if you were planning on having this Batman sit down in a chair or in a Batmobile, the plastic sculpted cape may leave you disappointed. However, if you love a classic looking Batman circa the 70's and 80's, I think this is the Batman figure for you!

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