Saturday, September 6, 2014

Legion History Board Game

Confused by the convoluted and intimidating Legion history? Then do we have the game for you! 
From the back pages of Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1 (2011) comes The Legion History Board Game, with art by the funtastic Brian Douglas Ahern!
 ...although right off the bat, it's made a mistake. It claims the Legion asked Superboy to join them before Supergirl, but Paul Levitz always postulated that Supergirl joined first...!  Our guess is that Paul didn't write the text here....!

This is the history of the Silver Age-Bronze Age-Adult Legion that was just cancelled when the New 52 series ended. Sadly, this doesn't mention The Zero Hour Reboot or the Supergirl Threeboot, but we'll get to those, too!
So click on these great pages and Colossal Boy 'em up to really enjoy them. Then you'll have yourself  a crash course in what is going on in this continuity! 
Long Live the Legion! 

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  1. If we ever decide to do a podcast, we have to have an episode of the lot of us just sitting around playing this game.

    -Kyle Benning