Monday, September 8, 2014

Do I Love the Legion?

Substitute-Blogger: Tim Wallace
Unique power: Fresh eyes and a brain like a pop culture sponge

Let me start out with a confession. I don’t know much about the Legion. Sure I’ve seen them on “Smallville” and “Justice League Unlimited”. I’ve read the entries in “Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe” and even cast my vote for Shadow Lass as the hottest Legionnaire while listening to the Fire and Water Podcast. Truth be told though, I could probably count on my fingers and toes the number of actual Legion comic book issues I own as of this first contribution. Fear not though, gentle reader, like Harold Ramis said in “Stripes”, I’m willing to learn.

Why? Because as unfamiliar with the Legion as I may be…it still holds a special place in my heart. Among the very first comics I bought and collected was the “Legends” crossover miniseries “Cosmic Boy”. This was during my formative early days of collecting and reading comics. When I discovered deep down in my gut that I was a DC Comics fan! Sure Marvel was ok, and there were other independent books I’d read from time to time…but from those early moments on I was a DC guy! (sorry Paul Heyman, lol)

DC comics felt like…home. That might be odd to some, delusional to others, but the universe felt familiar to me, comfortable. Whether it was weird war tales, all star westerns, or my favorite Super Friends, DC was the comics universe that I liked best. And out there on the fringe, beyond the stars, far into the future was a mystery in space, if you will pardon my tongue in cheek rambling…the Legion Of Superheroes!

Their membership is HUGE! Admittedly that has always frightened me a bit. How could anyone keep up? So many members, so many adventures, so much history…it’s enough to scare anyone! But that membership and history are a big part of the DC Universe I know and love. From Superboy, Supergirl and Superman, to Booster Gold and Lobo…quite a few of my favorite characters have crossed paths, in one way or another, with the Legion and thanks to that early purchase of “Cosmic Boy” I’ve never been completely in the dark. I’ve had at least some inkling of the great big beautiful tomorrow that is the 30th Century, and I’ve dipped my toe in the water a few times, here and there…but I never stayed in the pool too long.

So…do I love the Legion? That’s a very good question, and one that I don’t have an answer to just yet. Take the ride with me, learn about these space teens and their cosmic adventures, as I provide a bit of an outsiders perspective. If you have a suggestion for me, an issue or story arc you’d recommend, I’ll be happy to take a look, share my thoughts and we’ll travel into the future together to find out…do I love the Legion?


  1. Yes, you love the Legion. Yes, you love the Legion. Repeat after me...!

    I am a firm believer that everyone will like SOMETHING about the Legion if they give it a try. Like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. don't have to be addicted to them. You can give them a try and appreciate certain parts of each of them....

    (am I going to get hate mail now? haha)

  2. That makes perfect sense to me Russell! And funny enough, several friends have suggested I check out the Legion/Trek crossover! Some kind of sign perhaps? Should that be my next post?

  3. The Legion has been so diverse moved the years that there's at least an era or two for everyone out there, and thanks to the info boxes, its easy to jump into a random issue from a new era and at the very least know who all of the characters are on the table. Long Live the Legion! I can't wait for your Cosmic Boy Mini-Series post to drop!

    -Kyle Benning