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LEGION TOYS: Cosmic Boy (Mattel 12-Pack)

Cosmic Boy is extremely excited to meet you
Mattel 12-Pack Cosmic Boy
by David Weter
When Mattel announced the Legion 12-pack of figures, I was elated. What a great selection of characters, from a company with a proven track record in their DC Universe Classics line.

Then, I realized that this would be sold through their collector-centric website, Matty Collector dot com. This meant a battle would be in store.

For anyone who has experienced the fervor and frustration of countless fans rushing to buy the latest offering from the site, and the long load times- I feel your pain.

And, in this instance, I was far too late. The Legion set sold out well before I was able to log on. There was much sadness, and gnashing of teeth since that meant that I would be paying an outrageous sum on the back market.

And, I ended up paying retail, thanks to patience and persistence. But, was the set worth it? That is the question that I will be looking at, figure by figure.

First off is Rokk Krinn, also known as Cosmic Boy, one of the original Legionnaires to contact Superboy.

Do they have bran in the 30th century?
Sculpt: First off, Cosmic Boy is in his '80s Keith Giffen costume, which means he isn't bare-chested with a corset as he had been portrayed earlier. 

The entire set is sculpted by The Four Horsemen studio, which means there are a lot of similarities in the figures overall. This lends a consistency, but potentially a lack of individuality, in the figures.

The most prominent feature that I noted was a very sharp jaw-line and pronounced chin on nearly every character in the DC Universe Classics line. Cosmic Boy is no exception. However, I believe that he may be constipated.

His facial expression is that of a Mona Lisa smile/frown, with gritted teeth. He's either faking a smile, like a child in a bad family Christmas photo, or he needs fiber- STAT!!

Perhaps they were going for an ambiguous mood, but the fact that his eyes are placed just a bit too close together makes this figure an off-putting addition.

His body is the standard slender but toned sculpt that we will see on others, with sculpted gauntlets and boots. Otherwise, stock everything. But, that isn't a bad thing, since the body fits the characters, and the characters that need to receive sculpts of their own. If you have a great sculpt, don't waste it.

Finally, the Legion flight ring is present, and looking very closely reveals that they did not settle on a gold dot- it has texture, and the "L" can be made out. Kudos for that level of detail.

The Founding Members
Articulation: Like the entire DC Universe Classics line, articulation is astounding. The figure has joints at the ankles, knees, upper leg, the waist, hips (which includes a multi-directional socket, allowing Rokk to do the splits), wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck.

He can be posed into pretty much anything the human body can achieve, but good luck keeping him standing on his own power. Sure, he's fine in a generic, arms at his side pose, but the moment he gets off-balance, he's down like a drunk on New Year's.

And, as these things usually go, he's bringing half the figures on a shelf down with him.

Paint: Cosmic Boy could have been a train wreck in the color department. But, the paint uses a muted, matte pink that doesn't reek of an '80's synth-pop reject.

The gray and black on his body benefits from the matte finish, as his hands and feet retain a glossy finish, giving a definition to his limbs.

His skin tone, however, makes it look like Rokk hangs out in a tanning bed when not saving the universe.

However, we should just be thankful that we didn't get bare-chested Cosmic Boy, with his futuristic man-corset.

Overall: Not the strongest figure in the box set. Cosmic Boy suffers from being a bit too much of a generic sculpt, with a very confusing expression on his face. He's almost the definition of a middle-of-the-road figure, where the gripes don't outweigh the kudos, but rather sit balanced evenly.

There are far better figures in the set, but there are certainly worse, as we will see.

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  1. I have only seen this set once and ir was WAY too expensive for me. That being said, I look forward to reading these reviews!!