Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Who's Who: The Legion of Super-Heroes!

Welcome to The Legion of Super Bloggers' "Who's Who of the Legion of Super-Heroes" column! 

(I didn't mean *this* type of column...!)
This weekly blog article will go through the ranks of the Legion of Super-Heroes and profile each and every one of the Legionnaires! 

We will begin chronologically, with the original Silver Age-Bronze Age characters. We will present their profile pages from Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe and then give expanded character histories. 

We'll then give you a list of appearances we believe were important to the character, so if you want to read more about, say, Ultra Boy, you'll learn that he died in LSH (vol.2) #275, then came back to life in LSH (vol.2) #282! We hope to create conversations about how great (or not?) these characters are, and compare their greatest and worst moments. 

Those characters who "continued" through Five Years Later and the reboots will have their histories profiled here, too. But don't worry, those characters who were brand-new to the Reboot or to the Threeboot will be profiled after we get through what we call "The Original 38."

So strap on your jet pack and adjust your transuit, we'll start with Cosmic Boy next week and won't end until we get to Sensor Girl, 37 weeks from now! By that point we hope you'll have one or two favorites... if you manage to not fall in love with the whole blame group!!


(art by Greg LaRocque & Larry Mahlstedt, from Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol 13)


  1. For a blog that just launched, there's a ton of cool stuff here. I have been meaning to go back and read some pre-Crisis Legion classics for at least 20 years, but the quantity of stuff is pretty daunting.

    Minor style quibble -- I keep clicking on your underlined comic titles expecting hyperlinks. Suggest you switch to italics or just bold for titles. Or just don't highlight them at all.

    1. Devin, thanks for the kind words! We're happy you're enjoying our efforts.
      And we have changed the series titles from underlined to bold and italicized. Hope that makes our posts easier to read!

  2. I think we need a Brainiac 5 month long special.

  3. Only Brainiac 5 would think that. Is Michael Wagner an alias?!

  4. Are implying Doxs' have an ego? Maybe Vril 1 and Vril 2. But really with a 12th level intelligence Querl is far above such things.

  5. Let me check the century... Yep, just as I thought, 21st. That means any Dox likely to comment on this blog is of an egotistical persuasion.

  6. Who's Who, that old book? More like Who Cares!