Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Shopping for Your Favorite Legionnaire

Still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Legionnaire? Well, the Irredeemable Shag is here with some gift giving ideas!

Click here and head over to ThinkGeek to pick up the little bauble below!

Made out of ion plated, Gold plated Stainless Steel! It'll cost you $24.99 (plus shipping), but will set any Legion fan's heart soaring! It comes in sizes 8, 10, or 12.

Be sure to read the description on the page. Sounds like it was written by our own Siskoid! "Note: The ring is the property of the Legion of Super-Heroes and can not be given away. Penalty for doing so can result in expulsion in Section 4.3 of the Legion Constitution."

P.S.: I don't believe Brainy works for ThinkGeek, so no promises on whether this will actually provide the user with the gift of flight. Maybe you should ask Santa for some of that dust he gives the reindeer.

Looking for something a little softer? Then click here and check out the variety of Legion-themed t-shirts over on CafePress! Search the site to find even more. Personally, I dig this Ultra Boy design.

 CafePress UltraBoy

Share any other great Legion-related gifts in the comments! Happy holiday hunting!


  1. I am seriously considering the Ultra Boy or Element Lad t-shirts. I am sure Legion fans would be the only ones to recognize those designs, and I would get cool looks from other Legion fans at the various Cons I go to if I were to wear them. :-)

  2. I've still got my DC issued metal flight ring around somewhere, I should dig that up and see if it still works. :)