Monday, December 8, 2014

The Legion Constitution Article 8: Get Out the Vote!

Calling this meeting to Order! 
A review of the Legion Constitution by Siskoid

This is it! The 8th and last Article of the Legion Constitution! And it's all about Voting. Anything about hanging chads in there?
Ok, this makes sense. You wouldn't want people from other countries voting in yours, right? One man, one vote. Unless your power is to be a big cheater:
Invisible Kid, dude, they'd figure it out when they'd count more votes than there are Legionnaires.
Again, makes sense. Although (i) does allow them to choose the Vote-o-Matic as a proper method of selecting a leader.
May or may not be a flaw in the system. Of that line-up, I'd be tempted to vote for dark horse Bouncing Boy. Repeatedly, if my powers allowed it.

With potential roster of 25, quorum seems to stand at 18 or 19, with 12-13 required to carry a vote. Of course, it takes far fewer Legionnaires to vote on crushing their idol's very soul.
Took me all my life, but I just now realized Saturn Queen was sitting on that panel. No wonder!

As previously stated under Article 6, yes. By the way, some things aren't constitutional, they're just traditional:
And tradition is law.

Traditionally tie-breakers: Cosmic Boy (he's magnetic!), Wildfire (swoon), and Chameleon Boy (though he might be anyone).

The catch-all.

Let me end on an example of Legion democracy in action. After all, the Constitution is democratic in theory, but how about in practice? Here's a panel from Starboy's expulsion, as ruled by Article 8.2(v):
Like anywhere else, politics play a part. Seems like Starboy's girlfriend is pulling the female vote together. Way to vote your consciences, kids. And Superboy... voting with the girls? Between that and all the crying, the team's gonna start thinking you're... sensitive.

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  1. Voting is for suckers. Only the legendary Planetary Chance Machine can truly decide!