Monday, December 1, 2014

The Legion Constitution Article 7: Taking It to Committee

Calling this meeting to Order! 
A review of the Legion Constitution by Siskoid

Being the penultimate essay on the Legion Constitution and yes, wow, this thing is LONG. But where would the Legionnaires be without it? Where?! In some school in Westchester County?!

One thing's for sure, over the last few essays, I've said things that might put me on the outs with certain Legionnaires. So I don't expect to become leader any time soon. But I hear there are committees I might be interested in. What do you got, Legion? Drama club? Debate team?Well I guess if I do create a Drama Club, Saturn Girl can't tell me how to act.
So according to this, I can make my own committee, so long as the Legion approves it. That Drama Club may not be so far off after all!
Oh the drama!

But are there standing committees I don't have to build from scratch?
Ok, sounds pretty boring, but having read most of this here document, final say on its interpretation might be a good thing to have. With its secondary focus on flags and insignia, it's also the closest we have to arts and crafts. So who's to blame for THIS mess?

I say Cosmic Boy, but I'm only judging him by his choice of costume. It's not entirely his fault, all the flags of the future are pretty ridiculous.But it's not all about flag-waving.

So the committee has a LOT of power after all. We can make sure there are no crazies on it, right?
Right, unanimous, because otherwise...
THERE's the rub. No matter what, the original three ARE this committee. You do remember what that means, right?
I guess I came too late to the party to EVER be a member of any seniority. Anything else I could do?

Oooh, a way to now get all my friends on the team.

AND I can make them jump through hoops--I mean, get more training. Mwwahaha--I mean, haha.
So who do I give my application to?
Wildfire?? In permanence? Wow. Dude was majorly burned by the selection process himself (we'll discuss this at some later point). I guess they didn't want stuff like this, which he witnessed, to happen again:
Superboy - Chairman no more!

Another committee that might be interesting, depending on your power selection is:
Imagine if the UN Security Council also served as the UN Espionage Squad. Man, that would be a pretty sweet comic. Of course, the seats are already pretty much filled.
The cute girls alone are worth the price of admission, especially given the asexual nature of the boys.
What's that you say? They go out with Ultra Boy and Colossal Boy respectively? Pfff... those guys ain't so tough.

There is one last article! Just one! I swear! Until then, meeting adjourned!

This article was originally published in some form at Siskoid's Blog of Geekery.

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