Friday, December 26, 2014

Hot: Princess Projectra Dreaming by Mike Nasser

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #233 was a treasure trove of hotness and that included this back-up story title 'The Final Illusion' with art by Mike Nasser (also known as Mike Netzer). And the Legionnaire who is the hottest in this tale is Princess Projectra.

In this Untold Tale of the Legion, Projectra is dealing with the fact that Karate Kid has decided to stay in the 20th Century (remember his solo series!). Emotionally distraught, Jeckie enters into a deep fugue state, stuck in an endless dream.

Even asleep, Nasser portrays Projectra in a sensual pose, a look of ecstasy on her face.

In that dream-state, Jeckie is reliving some of her happiest moments with Val, dates at the amusement park, dancing, and generally being young and in love.

I love this panel with Projectra just thrilled to be hugged by Val.

But Jeckie's friends now she can't stay that way. Cham, Saturn Girl, and Dream Girl have to figure out how to wake the Princess.

Nasser sure knows how to draw beautiful women because Dreamy looks ... well ... dreamy here.

And so the Legionnaires realize that they need to show Jeckie that dreams are empty. She must return to reality. So Saturn Girl gently leads the dream to one of a kiss. But that kiss isn't real. And that reality shocks Jeckie awake.

But this is a 'hot' post, not a review. Look at how these two melt into each others' arms. And Jeckie sure seems ... aroused.

Projectra doesn't make my short list of the most attractive Legionnaires. But this story showcased how someone might call her the hottest.

For completeness sake, and because of my penchant for Kara, I thought I would share some Nasser Supergirl hotness as well, this from Adventure Comics #450, a Martian Manhunter story. Supergirl is beautiful in that whole story. Go here to see more.


  1. DC was sneaking some rather suggestive stuff past the Comics Code at this time. Projectra is showing her "O-Face" here, and Black Canary is buck-nekkid over in issues of World's Finest at the time. Makes you wonder how this stuff made it out like this. But I'm not complainin', mind you...;-)


  2. I agree. That opening pose is pretty easy to interpret.

  3. I had never heard before about Mike Nasser but I like your article and glad to know about the story and their sexy superheroes. I love to know more about these characters and please send some videos also.