Sunday, April 5, 2015

Art Institute of Zwen: Michael Allred

In 2004 DC published a book called SOLO. Each issue they handed the creative reigns to one individual artist and let him or her go crazy.

By far the best issue of SOLO I have ever come across was SOLO #7, with story and art by the great Michael Allred.

There are atleast four distinct, separate stories in the issue starring Batman, Hourman, The Teen Titans, and the entire Silver Age of DC Comics. The Legion of Super-Heroes appear in these last two installments.

First, the Teen Titans have a party at the Wayne Townhouse while they think Bruce is out of town. Unbeknownst to them, the townhouse below them belongs to the rich and famous Rita Farr, retired actress and Doom Patrol member. Chaos ensues. In the 30th Century the Legion takes note of the fun, and decide to go back in time to join in. Mon-El gets to attend twice!

In the last story, the Mad Mod attacks a DC Comics Club, and the boys grab all of their Silver Age heroes to fight back. See how many Legionnaires you can find in these two shots!

Allred obviously loves the classic DC comics characters of his youth. If you love these characters, too, you will also love this issue. You should pick it up! Here's the actual cover, Wonder Girl doing the Batusi.
Side note: evidently Allred was originally going to put Adam West Batman on the cover, but for one reason or another was discouraged to do so. So we got Donna Troy instead, and Adam West Batman inside. Currently Michael Allred is drawing the covers to the comics-are-fun title Batman '66, featuring stories based on the classic TV series.

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