Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Legion of Super-Bizarros!

In Adventure Comics #329 (Feb 1965) the greatest event in history of Legion of Stupid-Heroes not happens----the Legion ignores The Bizarro Legion! 

Bizarro Superboy am somehow not dead still in 30th Century. He leaves to Legion Club-house to quit. The Legion of course won't vote him in, so he comes near happy, vowing revenge. A few pages later he's on the Bizarro World Htrae, populated by just him and his son (?). Son appear always once and then on no pages forever. Bizarro Superboy uses Imperfect Duplicator Ray and creates best group in no time, Bizarro Legion!

Charter members am as shown below: 

Bizarro Brainiac Five

Bizarro Lightning Lad

Bizarro Saturn Girl

Bizarro Chameleon Boy

Bizarro Invisible Kid  

They steal own oath and Bizarro out-house.

Four members and a Crying Hyena too many for Legion, so Bizarro Superboy creates more Bizarros, ending with Bizarro Cosmic Boy...

...and Bizarro Ultra Boy and Bizarro Mon-El.

Too immediately Bizarro Legion and the real Legion have dance off. Superboy bets Bizarro Superboy that he can turn a diamond into coal. Coal most important money on Htrae, so Bizarro Superboy disagrees with bet. When diamond becomes coal, Bizarro Superboy wins. Bizarro Legion must disband and never leave Bizarro Htrae again.

You know the most Bizarro-thing about this story? It's not that Element Lad changes diamonds to coal, although neither are elements. No, it's that earlier in this story we get the creation and debut of the Legion Flight Ring.....which means that this story is canonical!

Long Die Bizarro!

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