Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hot and Cool Cover: Legionnaires #7

by Siskoid

Today's "Hot" post comes courtesy of cheesecake artist extraordinaire Adam Hughes. We've shown off his work before, so we know his figures are pretty and sexy, without being trashy. FACT. Legionnaires #7's cover is a perfect, summery example, catering to several fantasies.

We have a beefcake Sun Boy FOR ONCE not being douchy and actually in a very sweet pose with one of the oldest romantic fantasies of all time, a mermaid. And all around the couple, all of Triad/Triplicate Girl, the human threesome, or if you like, the three personality types you might find attractive - confident and clever, shy and submissive, and passionate spitfire. In three bathing suit styles.

And in no way does the image seem lascivious or tawdry. Mr. Hughes, we salute your art's hotness!

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